Community Guidelines


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Guidelines and Reminders

  1. Only subscribed users can post messages. You are responsible for all content posted from your account;
  2. Your profile is not accessible to other community participants, with the exception of the type of affiliation you claim (e.g. provider, patient, etc);
  3. Treat other users with respect. Remember that emotions are difficult to convey online, and give others the benefit of the doubt. Do not assume that your exchanges are—or will remain—confidential; this community will contain more, or new, participants over time; if you post something about a person, they may see it eventually.
  4. The purpose of the Service is to encourage the exchange of ideas. Advertising is prohibited. MACRMI acknowledges that there are times when the idea itself requires that a product be mentioned, critiqued or evaluation, and that there are also times when the recommendation of a product, vendor, or service is the answer to a posted problem. Such postings are not prohibited.
  5. By posting something, you represent that you either hold the copyright to the material or have the permission of the copyright holder to post it. You also grant to MACRMI certain rights to the material necessary for MACRMI to provide the Service (see Terms of Use  for detailed explanation).
  6. MACRMI disclaims responsibility for any links or references to any products, services or other information provided on the site. Further, MACRMI makes no representation as to the accuracy, reliability, or content of other sites or of any products or services referenced in the community or in a linked site.
  7. You must comply with antitrust laws. Do not discuss, or exchange information regarding: 

(a)       your reimbursement rates or any other data that might bear on the price you are paid for your services;

(b)       raising, lowering, or ‘stabilizing’ your fees;

(c)       what constitutes a fair profit level or margin level;

(d)       the allocation of markets, territories, or patients;

For example, any agreement to ‘honor,’ ‘protect,’ or ‘avoid invading’ one another’s geographic areas, practice specialties, or patient lists would violate the law

(e)       whether other physicians should or should not deal with certain persons or entities

For example, any agreement among physicians not employed by the hospital not to cover call unless paid to do so, any agreement among non-employed physicians to strike or not to accept certain tasks, or any agreement not to contract with a specific payor, would violate the law.