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Several years ago MACRMI members worked with attorneys around the state to develop our Best Practices for Attorneys -- both those representing patients, and those representing providers-- in the CARe process. We believe that these guidelines help attorneys involved in the process understand that collaboration, communication, and honesty are important parts of the CARe process, and that CARe helps everyone involved to reconcile in the best way possible after an adverse event. In fact, the attorneys on our Suggested Attorneys List asset to abide by them when working on a CARe case.

Recently, when reviewing these documents at our quarterly meetings, MACRMI members felt it would be important to add information about mediation to them. CARe and mediation are not exclusive processes. Sometimes, although material facts are agreed upon by all parties, the dollar amount can be hard to agree on. Mediation can be a great tool to use to work out this specific disagreement. 

We invite you to take a look at the new versions of these Best Practices:

For Attorneys Representing Healthcare Providers

For Attorneys Representing Patients

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