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Please join MACRMI at the Fourth Annual Communication, Apology, and Resolution (CARe) Forum on Tuesday, April 19th and learn more about the latest updates on CARe activities and its evolution in Massachusetts.   This program illustrates the ongoing growth of the MACRMI Alliance and the commitment of patient advocacy groups, hospitals, their insurers and statewide provider organizations to honest and timely communication with patients and their families if they experience preventable harm.

At this year’ CARe Forum; MACRMI leaders will share recent accomplishments and new resources, as well as an update on the completed CARe pilot study.  There will be an insurer and attorney panel discussing how they work together to resolve CARe cases and the benefits and challenges of the CARe model.  You can also gain insights about the CARe process from providers who will discuss real CARe cases, including how the process worked for them and the support that they received.  Lastly, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with senior MACRMI partners and many hospital and health system leaders, all of whom are committed to the CARe model and involved in some phase of implementation in their own organizations. As a member of the MACRMI leadership team, I wholeheartedly endorse the CARe model and believe that it will lead to greater patient safety in our hospitals and health systems.  So click here to register for the CARe Forum by April 12th and join us on the 19th to learn about CARe and how it can improve care quality and patient safety in your organization.

Pat Noga, PhD, RN

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