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Thank you to everyone who attended our 5th Annual CARe Forum. We were so happy to have so many attend from places near and far (Washington and California!)

As always, we are making our slides and materials available online.

Links to the slide decks are here:

Session 1:

Notes - These slides have the videos removed for smaller file size. To see the full video of the interview with Tricia, see our Video Library

Session 2:

Notes- These slides have the information about data analysis results for both the CARe Pilot Study and the Patient Feedback Study removed, as the data has not been published and is embargoed for public use. If you would like this data for internal purposes, please inquire with 

If you want the handout packet in electronic form, that is here:

Finally, we will upload videos of the entire day (removing data presentations for reasons noted above) when they become available. They will be located in our Video Library.

It was a great day, and thanks again to everyone for attending and participating. Don't forget to fill out your evaluations!



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