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The Institute of Professionalism and Ethical Practice (IPEP) and OPENPediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital are collaborating to develop curricula to advance relational learning worldwide.  OPENPediatrics (OP) is a free, open access, peer-reviewed, digital learning platform that utilizes the latest in innovative technology to provide robust continuing medical education to practitioners, regardless of resources, to improve pediatric care across the world.

The first Advancing Relational Learning Worldwide curriculum will focus on Disclosure and Apology conversations. This interactive program will help clinicians develop skills in communicating with patients, families and colleagues about medical errors and adverse events. The IPEP-OP team are interested in better understanding user needs in relation to this Disclosure and Apology curriculum. Below is a link to a short survey. This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions about the survey or the Advancing Relational Learning Worldwide Project, please contact the project Education Leader, Donna Luff, at or 781-216-2538 .

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